Family Photography

May 14, 2020

Can we take some family photos too?!?!


This is another question that I get asked a A LOT! I will always say YES!! I think family photos are too important not to be taken! From my own experience, I have so many photos of me and the kids or my husband and the kids…….but not many of us 5 altogether. Please don’t be like me!!!!

To view a small insight into some of the gorgeous families that have entered my studio, please view the short video below:

Some handy information about family images:

1. If family images are being added into a newborn, baby or cake smash session, I will usually start the session with the family images. That way, once the siblings are done, they are free to head out to the park/shops so they don’t get bored and restless.


2. I will take posed and natural images. I big fan of the ‘perfectness’ of an ‘imperfect’ pose!!! I just LOVE how those images show your families true smiles, interactions and personalities!


3. I don’t mind what you dress your family in, I just want you to be happy looking back at the images! If you want some advice on what to wear, please don’t hesitate to ask.


4. Remember, your kids won’t care about what you looked like, they will only care that you were in photos with them! So please don’t be like me and use excuses like: ‘my hair needs to be done’, or ‘I just need to loose a bit of weight’, or ‘I don’t have anything to wear’……….honestly, kids don’t care about that stuff!


5. Let yourself and your family create some beautiful images to look back on and treasure forever!


If you have any further questions about family photos, please feel free to contact me via the button below. I look forward to having a chat!


Bec xox